Sufi Parable #4 by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (aka Osho)


Sufi Parable #4
by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (aka Osho)

“Ego dies hard.”
There was a rich and generous man of Bokhara. Because
he had a high rank in the invisible hierarchy, he was known
as the President of the World. Every day he gave gold to
one category of people – the sick, widows, and so on. But
nothing was given to anyone who opened his mouth. Not
all could keep silent.

One day it was the turn of the lawyers to receive their share
of the bounty. One of them could not restrain himself and
he made the most complete appeal possible. Nothing was
given to him.

This, however, was not the end of his efforts. The following
day invalids were being helped, so he pretended that his
limbs had been broken. But the President knew him, and
he obtained nothing. Again and again he tried, even
disguising himself as a woman, but without result.

Finally the lawyer found a undertaker and told him to wrap
him in a shroud. ‘When the President passes by,’ said the
lawyer, ‘he will perhaps assume that this is a corpse, and
he may throw some money towards my burial – and I will
give you a share of it.’

This was done. A gold piece from the hand of the President
fell upon the shroud. The lawyer seized it out of fear that
the undertaker would get it first Then he spoke to the
benefactor: ‘You denied me your bounty – note how I have
gained it!’
‘Nothing can you have from me,’ replied the generous man,
‘until you die.’

This is the meaning of the cryptic phrase ‘Man must die
before he dies.’ The gift comes after this ‘death’ and not
before. And even this ‘death’ is not possible without help.
Ego dies hard.


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