Farzana Iqbal – a martyr of love

Farzana Iqbal - a martyr of love

Farzana Iqbal – a martyr of love

stoned to death by ‘family’
for marrying the man she loved
her father, two brothers and former fiance
among the cold blooded killers
ruthless cowards with no soul
they used bricks against a defenseless woman
they should be fed into a wood chipper
or to hungry sharks in a tank
If I was the Sultan of Pakistan
their heads would be on public display on a platter
maybe then 1000 or more women a year would be alive
perhaps honor would mean something to these swine
honor killings indeed! Shameless thugs and villains!
Where are all the human rights advocates?
Where is their government and court system?
Where is the outrage this act deserves?
When will people become mad as hell in this country,
and stand up for the rights of innocent victims?
How many more will die at the hands of cretins?
Shameless villainy (outrageous wickedness)!
(Copyright 05-27-14)

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