you got yours and I got mine…

Sunrise over ocean

forget those words we used to post
they left us now and became toast
never could we read the signs
the one that read, ‘they’ve lost their minds’
we were nothing more than guinea pigs
the puppeteer used string and twigs
that dice rules dude was kind of rude
put me in a terminator mood
that window opened for a blip in time
you got yours and I got mine…
(Copyright 05-05-13)


Always thought this was The Beatles but it’s not. They were managed by Brian Epstein and the lead singer is actually Denny Laine. He sounded like John Lennon to me. He later was with Paul McCartney and Wings. I didn’t hear this until many years after it was released but just learned today – it was by The Moody Blues prior to Justin Hayward. For some reason, it just popped into my jukebox mind… I forget why… but I’ll bet she doesn’t.


seems they reaped a whirlwind…

Eye of the dragon

it may come as a blooming surprise
but you’re only about 20 years too late
now he doesn’t listen to anyone
save the platitudes, and psycho mumbo jumbo
for the naive, gullible, and hopelessly clueless
words here are wasted, pointless, futile
someone long ago, sowed the wind
seems they reaped a whirlwind…
(Copyright 05-17-17)

Met on Tinder – no surprise there…

Ace Ventura

What will it be Butch – guns or knives? Drugs involved – oh what a surprise!

Another sweet Tinderella story making the rounds… well sounds like she is very good with a knife, so the judge should excuse her. Rolls eyes. She’ll make a great surgeon but not one that I’d ever go to. Good with a knife? Check!