You could see a rant coming a mile away… or a rock on an island!

Jetty ghost

‘I am a rock, I am an island.
And a rock feels no pain, and an island never cries…’

I spent three days debating bagging this blog
which would render me back to a notebook poet.
‘Nothing ever comes to no good’ on the Net except
a false delusion that you are accomplishing something.
It’s a nice fantasy that we never want to see die
but deep down inside we fully realize the futility
of such endeavors.

This world is full of hate and nasty people – that’s
just a fact of life. Some don’t deserve to breath air,
far less occupy space. We are living in a ‘fake reality’
that is driving many people mad. I kind of like the ‘no
fear’ lunatics out there – they are a special breed of
‘let’s go picnicking with Charlie Manson with some Twinkies,
in some dangerous foreign country with a backpack, and a
‘I’m as stupid as I look’ Tee shirt with a target on the back’

Cheap thrills and let’s top the last fearless flake that ended up
disappearing in some remote part of the world, wearing a GoPro
and an invisible, imaginary bullet-proof vest along with a cloaking
device from some Harry Potter novelty store in Weirdoville, CA.
Oh wait – maybe do 155mph on a motorcycle and become one with a telephone
pole or tree or guard rail – ending your brief career as Youtube hero.

Perhaps date 50 guys to write a book and show how shallow they all
are, and prove that being shallow beats having absolutely no depth
like you, a blood-sucking, Prada wearing, narcissistic author.

You could say that I’m disenchanted with the total lack of moral
character flaunted in our faces everyday by people who would sell
their bodies and souls to be famous, or have a huge following on twitter.
Their faces so fake and photo-shopped they look just like Barbie and
Ken dolls from Mattel. Sure, you look real and so does every image
in the Wax Museum in Hollywood, as far as wax figures go.

But unlike many, I would rather never sell a book or a poem, if it
means being some kind of social website star on FB, Twitter, Instagram,
or the latest flash-in-the-pan. In fact, we don’t need no stinking
website to sell a bloody thing!

GoFund me! I held a party for creative people who are not pathetic
sheep following the herd, and no one showed up. I lost a $50,000
investment on this party, and then was diagnosed with terminal cancer,
and now need $250,000 for treatment. And my dog and cat were in a car
accident coming home from a Grateful Paws concert, and I need $10,000 more to
place them in the pet cemetary in Las Vegas. You can send cash or money orders.
Please no checks but credit cards will be accepted. Just lookup Duie, Cheatem,
Howe, and Offten on GoFund me site – my legal team for handle all my banking while I fly to Paris for the latest treatment for
we-don’t-know-what-it-is-but-it-sure-sounds-nasty diagnosis.

(Copyright 08-03-17)

‘I am a rock, I am an island.
And a rock feels no pain, and an island never cries…’

Simon & Garfunkel – I Am A Rock


“There must have been moments even that afternoon when Daisy tumbled short of his dreams — not through her own fault, but because of the colossal vitality of his illusion. It had gone beyond her, beyond everything. He had thrown himself into it with a creative passion, adding to it all the time, decking it out with every bright feather that drifted his way. No amount of fire or freshness can challenge what a man will store up in his ghostly heart.”
―F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

What I’m going to do is go back – back to how my life was before May 1997,
when I first got on the Net and entered a chat room. Back before My Muse,
before the park, before digital insanity took over so many people’s lives.
The Net was tame then compared to today – it’s all downhill now. These are
the last days of Pompeii II. Enjoy them while they last…


Total Eclipse (from Net)

People may let you down. People may suddenly turn on you. People may break your heart. But God will never do any of the above. – Dormis Aeternitas…©

A million miles in between…

I am day, you are night
You are darkness, I am light

I am water, you are fire
My waves put out your desire

I am new, you are old
You were bought, I’m not sold

I’m alive, you are dead
My logic got to your head

I am straight, you are bent
You are gone, I just went

I am sorrow, you’re a laugh
Never saw my better half

I am salt, you are ice
You like cats, I like mice

I am serious, you’re a joke
Never heard a word I spoke

Our differences are clearly seen
A million miles in between…

to far past my view…

High flying birds

they flew higher than most
even way up there in blue skies
looked larger than life
with huge wing spans
I couldn’t make them out
to far past my view
still kept clutched by my mind
chambered inside the inner sanctuary
unrelenting wave crashing at your door
what might have been
now will never be…
(Copyright 07-29-17)

Farzana Iqbal – a martyr of love

Farzana Iqbal - a martyr of love

Farzana Iqbal – a martyr of love

stoned to death by ‘family’
for marrying the man she loved
her father, two brothers and former fiance
among the cold blooded killers
ruthless cowards with no soul
they used bricks against a defenseless woman
they should be fed into a wood chipper
or to hungry sharks in a tank
If I was the Sultan of Pakistan
their heads would be on public display on a platter
maybe then 1000 or more women a year would be alive
perhaps honor would mean something to these swine
honor killings indeed! Shameless thugs and villains!
Where are all the human rights advocates?
Where is their government and court system?
Where is the outrage this act deserves?
When will people become mad as hell in this country,
and stand up for the rights of innocent victims?
How many more will die at the hands of cretins?
Shameless villainy (outrageous wickedness)!
(Copyright 05-27-14)

Picture from the Net. 

Up in a tree…

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron up in a tree
taught me the folly
of being a human doing
so off the treadmill to oblivion
cautiously stepped my soul
then my whole body followed
flowers ran to me in droves
trees whispered ancient stories
out on the limb dangling for so long
now without a care in the world
why worry? it’s all going to fade
drifting out into the universe
I see you smiling with the morning sun
death was a pleasant thing when she came
on a moonless night, the sea spoke to me
in small glimpses, now we’re all seeing
how much better to live as a human being…
(Copyright 07-26-17)

you keep invading my dreams…

you keep invading my dreams
like last night for instance
walking very close to me
I put my arm around your shoulder
there was no resistance at all
which surprised me for some odd reason
perhaps never knowing where you stood
but we were glowing love to each other
that made me very happy
I thought you should know
since I feel you around as if checking on me
there’s no change here in sentiment
there never will be where you are concerned
that you can bet the ranch on…
(Copyright 07-24-17)

Picture from the net.