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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8i500NGJsw And if it's bad Don't let it get you down You can take it And if it hurts Don't let them see you cry You can take it Hold your head up Hold your head up Hold your head up Hold your head high And if they stare Just let them burn Their eyes on you moving And if they shout Don't let them change a thing What you're doing Hold your head up Hold your head up Hold your head up Hold your head high - Argent

Up in a tree…

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron up in a tree
taught me the folly
of being a human doing
so off the treadmill to oblivion
cautiously stepped my soul
then my whole body followed
flowers ran to me in droves
trees whispered ancient stories
out on the limb dangling for so long
now without a care in the world
why worry? it’s all going to fade
drifting out into the universe
I see you smiling with the morning sun
death was a pleasant thing when she came
on a moonless night, the sea spoke to me
in small glimpses, now we’re all seeing
how much better to live as a human being…
(Copyright 07-26-17)

you keep invading my dreams…

you keep invading my dreams
like last night for instance
walking very close to me
I put my arm around your shoulder
there was no resistance at all
which surprised me for some odd reason
perhaps never knowing where you stood
but we were glowing love to each other
that made me very happy
I thought you should know
since I feel you around as if checking on me
there’s no change here in sentiment
there never will be where you are concerned
that you can bet the ranch on…
(Copyright 07-24-17)

Picture from the net.