Don’t do this at home, folks!

Health vlogger eats poisonous plant on livestream 

When you eat poison on a livestream video, it probably won’t end well. Always do a dry run first, then you won’t look like a complete fool or even worse – a dead one. With the help of the local hospital, this person survived this ordeal.

Agave Americana is not aloe vera – in fact, it is quite poisonous. This is the problem with vloggers claiming to be experts on any given subject. Now people are getting false advice from bad sources. The ‘it must be true, I saw it on the Net’ consciousness really is a dangerous perception to hold. It could lead to personal misfortune or even death.

Impressing the world with your feat of danger is another favorite sport these days.
Here are some not so lucky people that are now dead. This is a short list of the possible news blips in the last couple years.

Recently, some poor fool actually thought you could use a 50 caliber ‘Desert eagle’ gun – to demonstrate a stunt involving holding a thick book in front of their chest, having their partner fire a bullet from this gun at close range into this book, and live to have bragging rights on Youtube, FB, Twitter, etc. Well the bullet passed right through the book and right through the person holding this book. Yes, he is dead now. A Desert eagle just happens to be one of the most powerful handguns you can legally purchase in the US.

In May 2017, a man fell from a cliff in Palouse Falls State Park, Washington while taking a selfie. He hit a rock as he fell and was swept downstream.

A couple plunged to their deaths while attempting to take a selfie on a cliff in Portugal. Their two young children witnessed this event.

A 21 year old from Mexico City, shot himself in the head while taking a ‘gun selfie’
for Facebook. He had been drinking. He died too.

Like I said, “Don’t do this at home, folks!” What the hell happened to common sense? The Net is making some people even dumber than they would be if the Net did not exist at all. That’s very sad.



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