Pied Piper of Reality…

people will tell you lots of things in life
like it’s clear sailing all the way
down these tracks to the end of the line
some really wouldn’t know the truth
if it kicked them in the teeth
these we can excuse as perhaps naive’
but it’s those that lie all the time
even to themselves, that do the most damage
after a train wreck there is no going back
you want me to buy what you’re selling?
might as well go to top of a mountain
scatter a pillow of goose down to the wind
then attempt to find each and every feather
place it back in the original pillow case
in the original position and order it held
that’s how likely I am to believe anything
or anyone who would be foolish enough
to think they can steal my heart
when after all it was a wordsmith
who taught me in no uncertain terms
that to believe anything they write
is pure and utter insanity
isn’t experience a romantic teacher?…
(Copyright 06-14-13)

Picture from the net.

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