Death of social interaction…

Geese on pond

people don’t talk to their neighbors anymore
but they’ll type to complete strangers on Fakebook
go figure the new paradigm on this planet
as we have risen in technology far into the cloud
our spirits have sunken into the depths of despair
how does one keep up with the lies on the Net?
people posting vacation pictures that aren’t even theirs
photo-shopped bodies and faces of perfection
are we all to become air brushed lemmings?
models of deception and slight of hand
keeping up with the illusions of Needless Markup
is it really better to look good than to feel good?
but just what is real anymore and what is illusion?
ah there’s the rub…
(Copyright 05-12-13)

2 thoughts on “Death of social interaction…

  1. Fashions come and go, human nature doesn’t change. At some point a lot of these things will be discarded. How many young people use FB? If they do, it will increasingly be to watch videos, not post personal content (the signs are there now in the stats). There’s a natural body movement that is having an impact on the sales of a whole lot of items, as well as attitudes to physical appearance. Coming from the book trade I know that a huge amount of trash is published each year, but it’s usually the quality books that last (and become classics), the dodgy stuff mostly disappears/is forgotten. Have hope, but don’t expect you’ll necessarily be here to see all the “turn-arounds”, some will take time.


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