Now you think I’m a ghost too…

Jetty ghost

the mirror image in your mind
those shadows on the wall
all you see is yourself
confused your transference
plays wonderful tricks to entertain
magicians do not fall nor stumble
cock sure makes them who they are
they mastered the art long ago
just when you think they’ll say uncle
that cloak of invisibility fools you again
search you may for the answer
all these ghosts you’ve conjured
were your childhood friends you forgot
now you think I’m a ghost too
funny thing is – I might as well be…
(Copyright 06-08-13)

glide with me, as here I go…


fly my astral plane into the heavens
touched by falling flakes of snow
as we think it, traveling the speed of light
will you go there with me lassie?
temples filled with ancient books
your statue sits in one of the halls
alabaster looks best at sunset
still I love when moon light glows
glide with me, as here I go…
(Copyright 06-07-13)