Today, I freed a bluebird…


the flutter was faint
but then it grew louder
where was that noise?
ah yes, the wood stove
seems another bird has fallen
down the 20 foot stack
ending inside the wood chamber
first, you open a door or window
make sure there is a proper exit
then you open the stove door
and what do you find this time?
a bluebird looking somewhat bewildered
he tries to fly against the chamber
but soon realizes the opened door
is the only way out of this mess
you walk to get your camera 15 feet away
zoom, he flies out of his death trap
follows the air currents
to the opened sliding glass door
free again, he takes off info the skies…
(Copyright 05-29-17)

a bird will fly right into an unopened
glass door, so if that is the closest exit –
always open that first before opening your
wood stove door. Same with a nearby window.
Make sure the screen is up or removed.

Pictured is a previous bluebird that was photographed.

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