that is the conundrum…

Flying low over the ocean

we are just moving through eternity
consciousness has many rungs on a ladder
your awareness is your reality here
however, you will see things very differently
on rung three then you will on rung four
because that level of consciousness is expanded
to a higher degree and able to see more
just as a person standing on the ground
cannot see as far as someone flying a plane
3000 feet above ground viewing the vista below
in fact, the one on the ground may say
no that is not possible for I don’t see it
therefore, it does not exist and must be a lie
that is the disconnect that occurs often
between two people these days in relationships
especially where one is steeped in religion
and the other is not steeped in religion
spirituality versus religion
which is correct? Neither is for everybody
that is the conundrum…
(Copyright 05-06-13)

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