Rats do not make good pets…

A 10 year old child died after getting rat bite fever from a pet rat. Streptobacillus moniliformis infection can also be transmitted just by handling a rodent that carries it, so you don’t have to be bitten. The bottom line: get a real pet and NOT a rat!

This Family Is Suing Petco for Their Son’s Tragic Death
Picture from the net.

4 thoughts on “Rats do not make good pets…

  1. Sounds like Petco is more at fault than rats in general. (Male rats can actually be quite sweet… very curious. But I’d never have one as a pet. Prefer cats and dogs.)

    Whenever you get a new pet you should immediately get it checked out by a vet and isolate it until you know it’s healthy.


    • well no child should ever die due to a pet. That is what I base my opinion, along with the fact that rats carried the fleas which spread bubonic plague (black death) and killed an estimated 50 million people in Europe, in the 14th century. The movie ‘Ben’ and ‘Willard’ popularized rats and Michael Jackson had a hit song called ‘Ben’. Still rats will never be accepted by me as a suitable pet for a child. Thanks for your reply.

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