you got yours and I got mine…

Sunrise over ocean

forget those words we used to post
they left us now and became toast
never could we read the signs
the one that read, ‘they’ve lost their minds’
we were nothing more than guinea pigs
the puppeteer used string and twigs
that dice rules dude was kind of rude
put me in a terminator mood
that window opened for a blip in time
you got yours and I got mine…
(Copyright 05-05-13)

I say they are like stained glass windows…


some say they are like glass
easy to break in a NY minute
when shattered they make a pretty mosaic
kaleidoscope artists pattern the pieces
after they tumble them smooth to the touch
novelists bury them between their pages
carefully crafted in a tale well spun
I say they are like stained glass windows
the more broken, the more colorful, the more beautiful
when their love and light shines through…
(Copyright 05-04-13)

Picture from the net.

Someone’s there holding tight…

Ann Caroline

now I know you are too shy
to ever say it when I’m near
the memory of James
most likely tapped your fear
you wonder is he mad
you resemble her, you do
are we all but a dream?
in your heart, you feel it too
now when I close my eyes
sometimes there is this light
as I think of you my dear
someone’s there holding tight…
(Copyright 04-30-13)

Picture from the net.


Always thought this was The Beatles but it’s not. They were managed by Brian Epstein and the lead singer is actually Denny Laine. He sounded like John Lennon to me. He later was with Paul McCartney and Wings. I didn’t hear this until many years after it was released but just learned today – it was by The Moody Blues prior to Justin Hayward. For some reason, it just popped into my jukebox mind… I forget why… but I’ll bet she doesn’t.