A discussion was taking place among the dead characters…

A discussion was taking place among the dead characters
in a coffee house that’s right around the corner from me.
Well – one was quite outspoken. But I guess he was new
to the place. Here I’ll replay from my record of hearing…

“Yeah, well now she went and polished me off just like
that! And she thinks that I’m dead but heck I’ll be around
for a long time. Am I mad? Yeah, guess a little but she
created me and gave me life. And I’ll live on in her books
and come alive every time someone reads those chapters
where I was still among the living.

Hey let’s face it – no one lives forever and who the heck
would want to anyways? And besides I believe in rebirth –
you know like character reincarnation. You can always come
back and be another character – close in nature but with
a new name and new set of clothes. Heck even a new century!

I would have been whatever character she wanted me to be.
Hunchback, Phantom, Rasputin, King Arthur – whatever
she needs me to be. And now that I’m dead, I have no
more aches, no more pains in my heart, no more bills to
pay – my troubles are all over! Ha, I’m on easy street now.

Well she may think the worse but I’ll be ok. And as for
methods? Well she could drive a stake through my heart
and I’d still love her. Characters are like that you know?
After all I know her pretty well by now. I mean living inside
someone’s mind and heart – you kinda get to know them
pretty good. You feel like you’re part of their soul.

Hey, I’ll be fine. Besides, I hear Jane is looking for a new
character and I’m trying out for the spot. Yeah my friend
over there, the one with the half mask. Yeah the Phantom.
He set me straight. Everything is gonna be alright…”

(Copyright 2009)

Picture from the net.

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