Pros and Cons of second blog…


Is having a second blog on WP a mistake? Now my posts do not appear in anything but the reader. My WP Premium subscription is for Original blog. I don’t intend to pay for two different blogs at this time.

I don’t like how all your Media pics are now ‘not available’ to use on a new blog. All
your Pages must be recreated to be seen on a new blog. There should be a carryover or share option so you don’t have to upload same pictures again to use. IMO

I went from 850 followers to 90 followers on 2nd blog before I bagged it. Consider how long it may take you to get another 850 followers or whatever your number may be.

Final conclusion – a second blog is a great way to pitch your followers and start all
over again. No, it’s not a good idea from an audience perspective! IMO

(Copyright 02-08-15)

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