to fly against all odds…

patience, some people don’t have any
others have a bottomless pit
faith, some scoff at the thought
say things like, ‘God is an imaginary friend’
how I feel ever so sorry for them
discipline, training that develops self-control, character, and efficiency
when you fail to understand the value of these things
your life is a rocky road filled with boulders
success will be become far more difficult
because patience allows you to carry on no matter what
discipline is the key to mastery of any skill or subject matter
faith is vehicle that allows you to fly against all odds
to endure outrageous tragedy and misfortune
to shake off all your setbacks in this life
and move into a realm that belies all logic
where you can walk out on the lake and disappear…
(Copyright 04-07-16)

Picture from the net.

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