Mystic vision…

Hot air balloon

so you think this is all there is?
no veils lay over your eyes?
you remember no other lives at all
because you cannot deal with them right now
isn’t that a blessing all on it’s own?
then one day your cake is too sweet
the illusion starts to evaporate
the journey inward has started
fleeing memories haunt you while you sleep
when awake you’re really still sleeping
but at some point you crawl out on a limb
watch as your new self saws away at that branch
real close to the trunk of all your learned knowledge
oh no, you’ll fall into the great abyss
snap and down you go to your sure death
yet as you fall – suddenly realize you have wings
off you fly into another realm
the projected movies continues below
oh that wasn’t a dream, it’s a parallel reality
and that wasn’t a dream, it was a previous lifetime
you start to question just what is reality?
is it being made up as we go?
or are we just dreaming while we think we’re awake,
then fully conscious while we think that we sleep?
intuition is the magic storehouse of all your answers…
(Copyright 02-09-15)

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