Lizzie and Darcy Ducks ongoing escapades #5…


DARCY: Lizzie, the Oracle of Delphi says if we’re like the Dalai Lama, we won’t have any painful karma!
Lizzie: well, the Oracle of Delphi is obviously munching on Peyote buttons!
DARCY: But the Oracle used to foretell the future for people and was highly respected in ancient times.
Lizzie: Darcy, you can foretell the future better than the Oracle.
DARCY: I don’t know Lizzie, all the visions that I seen so far have been disasters, like people dying tragically.
Lizzie: oh you just had a bad streak of #10 life events on the richter scale of life.
DARCY: But Lizzie, my heart aches and feels like it may burst…
Lizzie: I know Darcy, I can feel it too.
DARCY: you know Lizzie, I used to want to be with you the rest of my life. Now, sometimes I just want to be no more and just occupy the same space as you.
Lizzie: oh don’t talk like that Darcy, you’re scaring me now.
DARCY: I’m not trying to scare you. I’m trying to explain how I feel inside. How much I miss you all the time.
Lizzie: you know I love you very much Darcy…
DARCY: I’m crying now, I cannot speak anymore.
Lizzie: I am too…
(Copyright 10-25-14)

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