A foggy notion on the ocean…

Thick fog on ocean

the contagious optimist
perennial positive thinker
everything is always just wonderful
life is a bowl of cherries
high on life – up in the clouds
unknowingly they can make you feel worse
you don’t measure up to some invisible standard
they have all the ray of sunshine answers
I lived with someone like this for many years
when we split, I was given some sage advice
it was short and concise from a female therapist
‘your partner is delusional – pure and simple’
they were so correct in retrospect
it wasn’t me all those years who was orbiting in outer space
funny how one objective viewpoint can make things very clear
sometimes the people closest to us can do the most harm
new evidence shows positive thinking may be even harmful for some
other evidence points to it being a myth
I won’t go that far but will say
positive preaching does nothing for someone who is depressed
it just forces them deeper into a state of total apathy
if you know someone who is a contagious optimist
the odds are very high they are delusional too…
(Copyright 02-27-15)


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