Celeb’s new clothes – a case of vanishing nude selfies! OMG!

Are millennials in love with themselves? Get real, get a life, wake up to the B.S. you’ve been sold that has nothing to do with real life or living successfully…


poor Kate and Jennifer
they trusted the ‘cloud’
that in itself speaks
to their overall technical cluelessness
now they’re not so proud (maybe)
isn’t maximum exposure the ‘in thing’
how do we know this isn’t just
another cheap publicity stunt?
it’s shocking to think that you
believe having naked pics is necessary
even more shocking is the silly concept
that you could control what happens to them
but let’s face it – anything for a buck
didn’t Paris pull this play
in a slightly different way?
we should all be terribly upset
at just how naked pics on the ‘cloud’
don’t stay private – rolls eyes
perhaps in years to come
you’ll realize the folly of your naked selfies
when your future kids get a copy
but then maybe you’re just missing a gene
most people have had for a very long time
no moral compass to direct your path

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