Soros’s Formula for Killing America: A Brief Guide, for Americans

‘Day Without a Woman’ supporters got $246M from Soros. Don’t be fooled by the B.S. these people are spouting!


A rather enlightening view of what’s really going on in this country and who is funding it.

Who is George Soros? And why should you care?

Are there forces behind the weakening of the moral fabric of America. Is the atheist billionaire that funded Clinton and Obama working on changing the rules of the game so that refugees flood Europe and then the rest of the West via his Open Society plans?

The transgender movement, euthanasia, open borders, and more are all part of the plan of the Soros Foundation network to fundamentally transform America.

“This video is excellent! If you wonder why American culture has experienced such rapid moral decline, the video will be eye-opening and deeply troubling, but then it rightly ends in a call to responsible action.”

Dr. Wayne Grudem, Phoenix Seminary

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