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Recently saw a post on a Disclaimer Statement by Paige and thought it had definite merit. Feel free to copy mine and alter as needed for your blog. There is plenty of good info out there, if you do a search on ‘Disclaimer Statement’ for basic guidelines etc. I am not a lawyer, so use at your own risk, and consult a lawyer if you are marketing a product which opens you to any kind of liability. Weasels will be weasels…

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would the memory of all this pass?

Sunset through a window

these moths attracted to the flame
hell bent on burning up in the fire
what is it you really want?
no one can fulfill what you desire
if we could fix your fractured light
remove the stains from shattered glass
when you were given this choice
would the memory of all this pass?
(Copyright 12-22-13)

well she said he was Pius…

Aquamarine crystal with face of a girl and an alien

well she said he was Pius
just can’t remember which one
some president named James
that’s a life that was not fun
still it doesn’t really matter
just a saint without the ‘s’
ancient Egypt, oh the Hierophant
none of this would impress
back to Atlantis, you remember dear?
just a lowly scribe to the queen
further back was mystical Lemuria
were you even at that scene?
(Copyright 05-20-14)

sorry Ted Koppel, but you’re just plain wrong…

it is not surprising that Ted Koppel doesn’t like Fox news
he’s a British-born journalist of German Jews
we always thought he was brilliant
and would have made a good pres.
but now he’s just talking right through his Fez
so ‘Hannity is bad for America’, ole Ted would quip
it’s not a real stretch – he’s begging for some lip
so what is good for America?
illegal aliens raping our daughters in high school?
Sharia law Moslims pushing their Islamic law agenda here?
transgendered misfits turning our schools upside down?
radical Islamic terrorists being allowed into our country?
fake press from the major media outlets?
Berkeley far-left fascists annihilating free speech?
Soros funded groups out to destroy the US?
sorry Ted Koppel, but you’re just plain wrong…
(Copyright 03-28-17)

Picture from the Net.