Boycott the Grammy Awards to be held on Sunday, Feb. 12

Show Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Cher and the Music Industry just what we think of their attitude towards the new President and us. They only want to control your mind and your money. Who cares about their narcissistic love fest? They are just so ‘out of touch’ with the average American it is just plain sad…  Let them eat cake!

why support these far-left progressives and their narcissistic love fest? Who cares what Madonna has to say, or what any of the rest of these socialists, communists, fascists, atheists, and Luciferians think or say? They are a cesspool – a shape shifting diablo with no morals or conscience. They are helping to destroy America with their Far-left views, foul mouthed tirades and extremely bad example for the youth in this country… Screw the Grammy Awards!

Picture from the net. MIND CONTROL – FAR-LEFT STYLE


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