Fembots are here… ‘well then – no sandwich for Lester’


meet Lester the psycho leader in Cherry 2000. In this ‘B’ movie, Lester has a Fembot girlfriend. At the end of this epic tale, Lester gets killed. His Fembot is setting up a picnic table for lunch. When she hears that Lester is dead, she calmly quips, ‘well then – no sandwich for Lester’ and continues placing lunch on the table. It is probably the funniest line in this whole awful movie. Anyway the point here is this: if we continue with this current theme by the new breed of militant man-hating, feminist movement backed by Hollywood and our school systems programming kids with this gender identity B.S.  – this is  where I see it going. Men will just get a Fembot and say ‘why bother?’

There is a Netflix series called ‘HUMANS’ about where technology is headed with androids so close to human, you cannot tell the difference. It’s an interesting look at our near future…



Pictures from the net.



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