The Truth About the Berkeley Riot – Liberal Fascists in action at Berkeley…

Pepper spraying women in the face, beating people with flag poles, masked hoods  rioting – the real fascists in this country are the Far-left… Defund this fascist haven for thugs!

‘this is Trunp’s ad for the 2020 campaign’


5 thoughts on “The Truth About the Berkeley Riot – Liberal Fascists in action at Berkeley…

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    Everyone is always giving President Donald Trump a hard time and the way I look at wasn’t or isn’t no worse than having president Obama in there for 8 long because Obama promised jobs on the East coast and in the Carolina’s and then he backing up protesters causing more racism and racist towards all white Americans and then our small town cops get killed but Obama was always to busy playing golf or on vacation but if it was someone like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown and Obama would make a breakthrough and saying my fellow Americans we have got to stop killings of African American’s and what’s the difference between Obama and trump because USA government is and has always been corrupted since Richard Nixon and J.F.K. Kennedy and so on but now being from the southern state’s and be a witness to white children getting jumped by thugs in our community makes me sick and I mean y’all want to come to the southern state’s because you will see the major uproar about the race war that started while Obama was in the white house but if you are gonna call one person out let’s call them all please or not a one of them


    • Liberal Fascists have taken over the Democratic voice, the Feminist Movement, the media, Hollywood, and our school systems. They have joined forces with radicals hiding under the umbrella of the Moslem religion and are backed by billionaires like George Soros. People who do not agree with this direction our country has been taking for a long time – need to speak out and boycott Hollywood and the Music industry that supports a Far-left agenda, and is extremely vocal about all this. They are systematically destroying this country because Conservatives have remained so silent. We need to push back in a structured, concerted form. IMO


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