the mad only see one side to things…

Hawk in flight

Hawk in flight

the mad only see one side to things
as their words fly from their mouths
thinking that hate will not beget hate
treacherous slogans spouted with little thought
attack the children, attack the wives
it’s all the same to rabid dogs with mics
who didn’t get their way
now a mosque was torched in Texas
Catholic bishop attacked on altar during Mass
five dead in shooting at Quebec City mosque
all on Sunday, as if that matters anymore
the media, Hollywood and music industry
pouring gasoline on every fire
inciting destruction, mayhem, and anarchy
the means justify the ends
keep lighting those fuses in America
pretending you have the moral high ground
when you’re digging a hole deeper and deeper
creating more division and fueling people’s tempers
‘praise the Lord and pass the ammunition’
invest in Smith and Wesson, Remington, and Sturm, Ruger & Co
guns sales are going to flourish
hate crimes are going to skyrocket
militant groups will expand in numbers
time to brush up on survivalist books
because the ‘mad’ do not care
what is the result of their actions
they are bonafide, certified, criminally insane…
(Copyright 01-30-17)

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