we really don’t want to see it at all!

naked selfies, broads naked on their beds, you’re not empowered – you are just another porn queen for the moment… that I merely block!


Prism on wall Prism on wall

oh I am grateful for my imagination
that we had no computers growing up as a kids
that we played outside and enjoyed nature
that we had no cell phones to distract us
that we had no cameras to capture every ‘moment’
that we used our memories to record things
that our imaginations can create whatever we want
I am grateful for people who wear clothes,
who were taught values and morals for society,
who are not living under the false assumptions
so prevalent on the Net today
if you want to be naked – go join a commune!
but don’t expect people with some values
to further narcissistic and delusional behavior
we really don’t want to see it at all!
(Copyright 04-04-15)

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