Chronicles of Dormis #1…

now I realize what a flawed plan it was
but another realization bubbles up
you are in love with the characters you create
no one could ever measure up to this
so for me to even try is pure folly
you don’t want to see me or anyone else
but if any of those heroes sprang from your novels
you’d be swooning like a dove on morphine
fantasy is the world you have chosen
you’re a new breed of women
that thinks your ideas will be so different from men’s
you cannot see how flawed this really is
when men finally wise up to your breed
they will discover how you use your sex
to manipulate and get what you want
then they’ll realize that you aren’t needed either
and when that happens, this world will be a battle ground
you think you’re so tough, we’ll see what becomes of that battle…
(Copyright 04-12-13)

a new breed of women seek to emasculate men and place them under the spiked heel of imagined superiority…

Picture from the net. (Riddick)

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