Two circuses are ending this year – we’ll only miss one…

Two circuses are ending this year
one in five days, when the Democratic death spiral will
hit an all time low in their pathetic attempts
to make people believe they are ‘legitimate’
while the other half of this country is not
along with the President-elect, soon to be President
this campaign from the ‘losers’, funded by far-left factions
only serves to further polarize this country
and continue the divide that Obama fostered
race relations have only gotten worse
radicals and anarchists have been empowered
by the actions and lack of actions
the current administration exhibited throughout
their policies over the last 8 years
thanks for the ‘change’ that your party represents!
the second circus to shutdown this year
will be “The Greatest Show on Earth”
after 146 years – Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey
will have their final show in May 2017
that’s too bad because it’s the only circus
we will miss…
(Copyright 01-16-17)

Picture from the net.

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