Poor cry baby losers try to circumvent our election system…

two months later, cry babies still haven’t accepted the facts of life – Trump won!


the poor losers and cry babies are still at it
now they have a petition going to the electoral college
trying to get them to vote for their candidate who lost
when they meet and cast their votes on December 19th
the narcissistic, self-absorbed, self-centered droves
only want an unfair advantage in this life – is that so wrong?
when they lose – they throw a pathetic tantrum
trying to change the rules to suit themselves
their financial oligarchs backing them all the way
with things like Craiglist ads that are hiring
full-time protesters and Activists to do their biding
bus loads coming from out of town to protest
this isn’t democracy, this is anarchy
by the biggest, cry baby set of poor losers
our country has ever seen…
(Copyright 11-12-16)

Trump protests intensify, as doubts swirl about spontaneity

Picture from the net.

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