7 days to go… Trump takes the reins…



while some think this was an accident
60 million people don’t think so mate
in one of the dirtiest political campaigns
we’ve probably ever seen in the USA
Wikileaks sure as hell wasn’t on the side
of corruption, the sinking of Bernie’s run,
Foundation shenanigans, and very questionable
foreign contributors and Billionaire backers
what was an accident from our viewpoint?
how the Dems could be so foolish to pick
such a flawed candidate with an e-mail server fiasco
pending criminal charges and investigations
thinking they could get away with 100 yard dash
to the goal post without being tripped up
on their stupidity and blatant disregard
for laws of this country that don’t seem to apply
when convenient to their political candidates
besides mate, Donald Trump could run circles
around these people in his sleep
and he’ll soon prove that when he takes office…

(Copyright 01-14-17)


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