‘say when…’

Dark clouds and the dragon

Dark clouds and the dragon

they took our joy
darkened our skies
think that we’re going to forget
their vicious lies and smear campaigns
double speak from godless tongues
diablo leading their charge
dismantling this country piece by piece
while smiling like lunatic clowns
now these same diabolical forces are ensconced here
to lay to waste all that is good, moral, and of God
boldly joining the far-left under such banners
as the ‘revolutionary’ communist party in broad daylight
with one ideal in their hate filled minds
destruction of democracy, this country, and your way of life
but they have awakened a sleeping dragon
tapped into an anger with roots
that go so deep they reach to the core
of two hundred years of sweat and blood
people who fought and died for this country
left the tyranny of Europe and religious persecution
now as a tidal wave of push back gets applied
these slithering snakes will redouble on their efforts
the crown prince of darkness lost one billion after the election
who knows how much to the wrong campaign patsy
if they’re looking for more
as Doc Holiday said in Tombstone – ‘say when…’
(Copyright 01-12-17)

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