fantasy bubble of elitism…

diversity is just another convenient term
thrown around by some people who definitely feel
that you have every right to ‘their’ opinion
but when they fail to get their way
it’s just amazing how diversity does not include
the other side of fence in morals, philosophy, & beliefs
in fact, they come up with a whole set of names
to call you in their matchbox world of delusional grandeur
when you fail to vote for their candidate
why you become misogynists, racists, bigots, white supremists,
able privileged and so on and so forth
in case you didn’t notice, your party lost
it’s platform was resoundingly rejected
by males and females, people of all races
now you can blame Huma, Weiner, Comey,
Wikileaks, The Russians, and even the ET’s if you like
but you better start looking at the real cause
flawed candidate, flawed agendas, flawed direction
and last but not least your silly, misguided insistence
that we give a fat rat’s ass what Hollywood or the music
industry’s opinion might be on these subjects
because in case you haven’t noticed
your so called ‘royals’ have lost much clout
people realize they are basically famous people
with way too much money and far too little brains
living in their own fantasy bubble of elitism
as they tweet their moronic drivel down to their subjects
it’s really time to shut the hell up
and either be part of the solution or part of the problem
right now – you are being seen AS THE PROBLEM
so get a clue!
and that’s a wrap…
(Copyright 01-03-17)

Picture from the net. 


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