Real fake news – Hillary declares aliens in UFOs hijacked the election…

now UFOs and aliens are the only excuse they have left…out of believable options! Never could it have been their own doing…


that’s right folks, you saw it here first on ‘how bizarre, how bizarre!’ It’s true – aliens from space determined that science fiction was the only way the ‘glass ceiling’ that held up the entire world stay intact. So they hijacked the election by using powerful hypnosis techniques of slanted journalism, dirty politics using ‘locker room talk’ between two men, and various back-firing hocus pocus slight of hand and the incredible Vulcan mind-melt to purposely sway 50% of the American population to vote against poor Hillary. She never had a chance. The aliens being of another dimension and superior intelligence could not be stopped. It was awful. Even Bernie was shocked. It was a bad night for all who drank the Kool-aid from the press, the biased poll projections, and totally underestimated the power of UFOs and aliens when they decide ‘enough is enough!’

Pictures from the net.

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