The price you had to pay – Pearl Harbor day…

some will remember, some will not
you took the blows in your stride
stood tall when fierce winds came
never questioned, just got it done
planes bombing, woke you up that day
your ship on fire, flash burns
jumping off into the sea, you survived
piles of bodies, arms and legs in the aftermath
Pearl Harbor became a tomb of memories
you took up the bottle to forget
struggled for decades with what you saw
this one is for you and all your buddies
all the veterans decorated and forgotten
some gave their lives, some gave much more
but we remember you and your sacrifice
all those saved from death, torture and maniacal rule
regardless of war or battle fought
humbly bow their heads as they recall
some with tears in their eyes
the price you had to pay…

In memory of all vets, alive, killed in action, or deceased. And for my uncle,
who survived the bombing of Pearl Harbor but not without PTSD, and
a difficult life that followed until his death… And here is to a world without war
– a world of PEACE.
(Copyright 05-23-14)

Picture from the net.  USS Arizona Memorial

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