poets must be the most depressing people in the world…

Grinch who stole X-mas

Grinch who stole X-mas

caution:rant ahead 🙂

poets must be the most depressing people in the world
yeah, I’m sure it’s simply a fact
we should have signs that say
caution: hide the rope and rafters before you read
which is normally the reason I do not read
the bulk of stuff in the poetry section
people think they had a bad day
because someone gave them a dirty look or frown
they lost a glue-on-nail on a door frame
their dog chewed up their favorite selfie
they got a speeding ticket for going 35 miles above the posted limit
then there are the clever ones
who make up tales that are complete fiction
which puts them in the pathetic category in my book
all to solicit sympathy or attention from anyone
when their life is really nothing like this
I don’t know how many times that I’ve commented
on such tales only to be told it was creative writing
without any shred of truth to the whole story
you think to yourself – is there any truth on the Net?
which is why I don’t believe anyone who panhandles
the GoFundMe slackers, too lazy to work really amaze me
does that really work for you, and are people so stupid?
hey good for you and good luck getting ahead in life
when you reach a million dollars – let us all know
we’ll add you to the ‘millionaire sucker’s club’
and what’s with these people who want to be seen naked?
what makes you think that we want to see your naked body?
where were you raised in a whore house? or a crack house?
the finger flippers – yeah hell freak everybody right?
what the fuck is wrong with these people?
don’t bother answering, I already know…

(Copyright 11-30-16)


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