applauds Leah Remini show on A&E tonight exposing Sci-fi-tology.
don’t walk – Run from this ORG!


SciFiit’s all coming back to me now
they were between 8th Ave. and Broadway
West 46th Street in the Big Apple
I was just a naive’ kid, just out of high school
the registrar said, ‘we have a place for you to stay too’
all my psychological roadblocks were cleared
so off I went on the great adventure
country boy heads to NYC
paid my fare for a week course on getting ‘clear’
upon arrival the first red flag went up
as I noted they referred to themselves as a ‘church’
the registrar was a pretty Jewish girl about my age
she actually gave up her bed and room for me to sleep in
claimed she would be staying at a friend’s place
then we had orientation along with more red flags
on the second day, they informed us while there
you were not allowed to read the Bible,

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