Recount: seems rather humorous and beyond hypocritical…

There were rigged machines during the election
the problem is they were favoring Clinton
this happened in various places around the US
it happened in Pa and in Texas for sure
on touch screen machines
where people voted a straight Republican ticket
it was changing the vote to Hillary Clinton for President
now if you believe this was just a coincidence
you’re either quite gullible or refuse to accept the obvious
so now the obvious cheaters want a recount
because they cannot believe they lost
especially if they knew machines were rigged
in the swing states in their favor
seems rather humorous and beyond hypocritical
how can you cheat and still lose?
I know this much to be a fact
in my voting district and 50 miles west of me
in a heavily Republican rural area
our voting machines were not working properly
and they had to go strict paper ballots
in Pittsburg area, on touch screen machines
a vote for Trump was being switched to Clinton
all in the same swing state
now how is that possible?
(Copyright 11-27-16)

Some Trump Voters Reporting Ballots Switching To Clinton

Picture from the net.

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