Black and Blue Friday – The last days of Pompeii…



is this the sunset of civilization in our society?
when did Black Friday become a Roller ball game?
today in the states people were posting pictures on Twitter
of the mayhem by rabid shoppers looking for a deal
someone was shot, a policeman dragged by a car
a man was stabbed over a parking space
women slapping other women in the face
Pizza Hut manager was fired for refusing
to make his employees work on Thanksgiving
a shopper carrying a big-screen TV home was shot
in the leg by a thief for resisting
one shopper was knocked over and stepped on,
by a crowd rushing to grab a $49 tablet
two men in a waiting line were fighting,
with one kicking the other in the head
and I can hear John Lennon singing the line,
‘and so this is Christmas…’
(Copyright 11-30-13)

2016 same thing again – 3 people shot around the country…

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