a stranger in a strange land…

sometimes you watch these people screaming slogans
carrying signs with all these messages
you start to feel like the elephant man or woman
wonder what the heck is wrong with this world
how can people be so divided in their thinking?
that’s when you think to yourself
I must be an alien living among another species
yes, that’s it, a stranger in a strange land
as you pull all these false labels from stick-ons
off your face and body and psyche
you draw your phaser, set it on vaporize
put on your Gort garb and prepare for battle
but then you remember that this species
strikes out at innocent people and aliens
because that’s just what they do
perhaps you could vaporize them in an instant
but then you’d be just like them
and so instead you choose to remain
a stranger in a strange land…

(Copyright 11-13-16)

Picture from the net.

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