do not try to remove the speck from our eyes…

Seagull on jetty

Seagull on jetty

it’s terrible when you lose
awful when people don’t agree
then you go out and destroy things
while you have the nerve to call
the other side racists, bigots
all sorts of other PC cute names
all the while, the most hateful sit
right in your ranks but you refuse to see this
you’ve been drinking the progressive left kool-aid
for so long now, you expect complete agreement
if that’s not INSANE – I don’t know what is
but guess what? What you give out will return!
you’ve sown these seeds, watered these plants
of hate and you’ve shown us that in no uncertain terms
that the only thing you understand is the Cosmic retribution
unfolding before your blinded eyes
and you’ll pass it off as mere chance
because you are completely blind
to the truth and that is just too bad
I feel sorry for you because you are totally out of touch
but let me tell you this
the more you push us, the more we will push back
you have no idea what you are dealing with here
this is a volcano long overdue to erupt in your faces
and while you busy yourselves lighting all these fuses
I know you’ll be the most surprised when these chickens
return home to roost because you fail to understand
cause and effects – and that’s too bad!
(Copyright 11-11-16)

do not try to remove the speck from our eyes –
when there is a beam in your own!

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