the very LARGE ‘basket of deplorables’ have spoken…

second verse same as the first… Trump won – get over it! Borrowing from slick Willie, “I feel your pain” but we are enjoying this victory! 100% – no apologies…


phoenix59,810,591 voted for Trump
who were these people?
proud members of
the very LARGE ‘basket of deplorables’
hard working Americans
people with ‘values’
some struggling to survive
some unemployed that cannot find work
fed up with the liberal agenda
fed up with policies that have failed
fed up with being over-taxed
fed up with the corrupt backroom deals
fed up with the omniscient elite
fed up with the destruction of family
fed up with the smiling shape shifters
who have shown that the sleeping dragon
when awakened in this country
will go to the ends of this earth
using whatever means necessary
to push back on the unmitigated gall
and unbridled ego of those who would
destroy every last vestige of true democracy…
(Copyright 11-09-16)

Hillary Clinton called them ‘the basket of deplorables’… funny thing is – we found her quite deplorable in just about every way imaginable. Some of…

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