The Rage Of The Cry-Babies

This article is priceless. The facts – a must read if you voted for Trump…

“With the election of Donald Trump the peasants have stormed the palace, put their bare feet up on the gilt chaise lounge and let the elite know they will no longer submit to the will of a corrupt internationalist oligarchy. It’s a beautiful moment in American history that many have longed for. Things will never be the same again.”

“Should any of the liberal elite still think Trump is stupid, they will soon learn of their mistake. All Obama had to do when he was campaigning was turn up and give a nice speech. His handlers held his hand every step of the way, and have directed him throughout his presidency. Trump on the other hand has strategized to overturn the entire liberal establishment, including the toothless Republican leadership, and has defeated all of them. He may well be the greatest political genius in American history.”

The Rage Of The Cry-Babies (click here)



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