yep, I dreamt of Obama last night…

yep, I dreamt of Obama last night
it was the same man I helped vote into office
he was very pleasant in this dream
back to his old self – at the top of his game
I wondered was he happy to know it will be over soon?
we expected so much from him
but then I remembered what I’ve known all along
Congress makes the laws not the president
he either signs them or vetoes them
yet we seem to go crazy over who gets into this office
this election campaign has been the worst I’ve ever seen
I do not like either candidate at all
and feel neither belongs in the White House
our country is equally polarized for or against each candidate
both have a very long laundry list of negatives
but I will tell this and hope we can agree
I pray that whoever gets this election
is the best person to help ‘everyone’ in this country
not just the poor, not just the rich
but the every day folks especially the middle class
who pay the brunt of all taxes and struggle to raise their families
in a country where hate has become at all time highs
where people are no longer civil to each other
where the ‘us and them’ mentality seems to rule
because if someone doesn’t lead us all to a better place
we are headed for revolution and anarchy
we will destroy ourselves from within
and that is just not acceptable in my world at all…
(Copyright 11-06-11)   

Picture from the net. Getty

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