for all time…


last week I visited a peaceful place
the final remains of many rested
under a nice blanket of snow
it was my mother’s wish that took me there
her spot now secure at the foot of my father’s plot
the saleswoman smiled as if she really cared
oh this lot will allow for two – that’s great
suddenly, I knew where my ashes would go
this would be apropos after all is said and done
three younger ones have rushed there
ahead of their time in this playground for birds
two fell by their own hands
just like it was written in the stars
what’s that is like I cannot say
although not recommended for the faint of heart
it was the middle one that drew great pause
an angel stricken with that incurable mystery
no known cause and no known cure the doctors said
in two years she was back where she belonged
that one will always be deeply missed
her graceful compassion and empathic knowing
now as I reflect on the way life unwinds
the one who loved the most – my mother
shall be with me for all time…
(Copyright 02-08-15)

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