Don’t let anyone tell you what love is…

Sandpipers on jetty

Sandpipers on jetty

Don’t let anyone tell you what love is                   
Decide yourself what it is to you
Break free of the shackles placed upon you
Don’t allow misguided zealots to sway your soul
Seek your own higher ground and be not concerned
Every one has their own reality and perception
And just like the tale about the 3 blind men
describing an elephant – a wall, a rope, a tree
Unfortunately none may apply
To your soul and path and knowledge of the universe
Still, what is trash to one – may be treasure to another
You can tell someone you love them until you’re blue in the face
But if you’re wearing an Ankh instead of a cross
They may never hear a word you say because of programmed prejudice
All because you worship the Creator differently from them
Or don’t sit in the pew of their church
But that’s love to them and who are we to go against the wind
Right? Wrong! Fight this cookie cutter paradigm
And if you have some romantic notion that love is a circle
that must be completed and returned between two cosmic lovers
If not in this lifetime, then the next
Then follow that notion to the bitter end if you must
And if you love every molecule of someone’s being
Don’t let anyone tell you what love is…
(Copyright 5-04-12)

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