quiet is the night…


Full moon on ocean

Full moon on ocean

it is easy for me on one score
 I just always love you
 no matter what comes
 as hope has long set sail

 what’s not easy at all
 is feeling dead inside
 knowing what will be
 but never knowing why

 expecting truth in a godless age
 what a fool’s errand
 I must let go angel and cannot
 dreams die a silent death

 you made your choice long ago
 blind I just refused to see
 what is so obvious in front of my face
 this life is lost for me

 somehow I always felt the need
 to explain things to you
 inside there’s nothing left
 nothing really matters to me

 apathy embraces me now
 sleep takes me far from the pain
 when death comes knocking at the door
 it will be a welcomed gain…
(Copyright 09-21-12)

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