All That We See Or Seem…

sycamore tree

sycamore tree

it was after lunch on that fateful day
we were rounding the corner of a field
finishing a leisurely walk among nature
heading towards the house, I spotted him
the grim reaper dressed in blue disguise
a paper dangling from his right hand
as we got nearer, I spotted the badge
he had this weird look on his face
that’s how I learned of your tragic demise
they wanted me to identify your body
fire, trapped, smoke inhalation, deceased
that’s all I remember before going blank
someone cried for 11 days in a row
your ashes scattered to the wind
beams burnt and scorched totally black
a lifetime of memories up in smoke
I remember how you loved that old house
but it was on that day I finally knew
why it always made me feel so blue…

(Copyright 11-10-12)

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