great expectations of insignificant nothings…

the best part is when you arrive
at that place you never knew existed
the place with that big neon sign
that reads – I just don’t care anymore
looking back down the winding road
squandered offerings litter the path
you remember things written that were true
the hollow empty replies of silence
and wonder, were the pearls so easily
cast away, or saved in some wooden box
was this role to play Estella great fun
you should of asked Miss Havisham
how it worked out for her in the end
no matter, this course can only draw
one result to your doorstep
but you’re stuck in a unfinished novel
always the bride without a groom
damsel in distress such a familiar tune
too bad the fools who come to the rescue
don’t know it’s just a well rehearsed play
that runs forever in your mind
only the names and victims change
but people are just characters
and they really need to learn
just what insignificant nothings
they are in your scheme of things
thank you for being such a good teacher.
(Copyright 07-09-12)

Picture from the net.

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