And so I keep on keeping on…


Sometimes I think I need an Eraser
they tell me one lives in NYC
surely you saw the movie
they erase all memory of someone
as if they never existed in this life
but I can’t help wondering
would that make them happy?
Or would their world fall apart
as if a sacred chord could
no longer be heard?
Would they miss
the faint whirl of a butterfly
that sits on a blue lotus
and sends golden light,
as if a halo found it’s
home surrounding an angel.
What if unseen guardian
was the only role I could
play – the only role she
would ever accept?
Then this script will only
end where Eternity begins.
And I have two choices –
wait till I die or extinguish
my own flame. And so
I keep on keeping on…
(Copyright 11-01-11)

Picture from the net.

ref: eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

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